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Definition of a Good Tenant: What Columbus Property Managers Look For

Mitch Deminski - Friday, May 20, 2022

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As a tenant seeking a good home, it is essential to present yourself in the best way possible. Landlords and property managers always prioritize renters that they think will cause the least trouble. What are the attributes of a good leaseholder though? Here are some characteristics that Columbus real estate managers look for in a good tenant.

Has a clean record and adheres to tenancy regulations

As a potential renter, you need to have a clean rental history and be willing to abide by the regulations of the tenancy agreement. The minimum requirement, of course, is no felony, no criminal record, no evictions, and strong references.

If a tenant has a criminal record or is a convicted felon, finding a place to rent will be challenging. If you were evicted by the previous landlord or have negative reviews, you may be considered to be unfit to rent the place. 

Pays rent on time

In a property manager’s books, a good tenant means timely payments. Ensure that you do not default in any payment and pay your dues on time. The management company may make enquiries about your rent payments with your previous landlords and so, it is important to maintain a good payment history. It is difficult to accept the fact that you will be meeting your payments on time especially if you failed to do it in the past.

Takes responsibility

A responsible tenant is a must-have for any landlord as they acknowledge their duties as a renter. They by the rules drafted in the lease, like not bringing over a huge group of guests. Plus, responsible occupants keep the house in pristine condition and treat the property responsibly, as their own home. 

Respects the neighbors

Apart from abiding by the rules in the lease, they use common sense to ensure the neighbors aren’t disturbed by their activities, such as loud music or late-night parties in a quiet neighborhood. 

Is communicative

An ideal renter communicates clearly and openly with the real estate manager if there is something that is bothering them about the rental. Being nice to your landlord can go a long way; homeowners appreciate renters who are well-mannered and polite.

Does not harm the rental property

Bad tenants do not comply with the landlord. They think that the house belongs to them, simply because they have signed the lease. The other extreme thinks that since the rental does not belong to them, they need not take care of it. Both of these are misconceptions and should be avoided by renters who want to create a good impression.

Values the property management company

Good RelationshipWhen the investment rental is managed by a property management firm, it is equally important to respect the renter-property manager relationship. Firms value their time and will fine you for wasting it on purpose. Tenants who schedule a repair appointment and then don’t go ahead with it get charged for the visit; this does not only cost them money but also their value. 

A bad renter makes things difficult for himself by repeatedly disregarding the instructions given by the real estate management firm, such as mowing their lawn, parking on the designated spot, or avoiding a specific activity, like outdoor cooking, in case of lack of space.

At the end of the day, property managers want the lives of landlords as well as tenants to be straightforward. Hence, they look for tenants who are cooperative and respectful and understand their responsibilities.

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