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How to Diversify your Real Estate Investment Portfolio: Guide for Columbus Property Managers

Mitch Deminski - Friday, September 18, 2020

How to Diversify your Real Estate Investment Portfolio: Guide for Columbus Property Managers - Article Banner

Diversifying your investment portfolio has always been wise advice, and it’s one of the reasons that people start investing in real estate. They know that owning real property is an excellent way to protect themselves against the ups and downs of the stock market.

Things are always changing, even in the Columbus real estate market. With the recent pandemic and the uncertainty of the rental and sales markets, it’s become more important than ever to make sure you’re protected against risk. Your investments need to be diversified, and today we’re talking about how thinking creatively can help you earn more on your entire investment portfolio, particularly your real estate holdings.

Diversifying with Residential and Commercial Spaces

Most of the investors we talk to either own residential properties or commercial properties. This makes sense. Your investment goals probably attract one or the other. However, it’s time to open up that portfolio to a mixture of both residential rental homes and commercial spaces that attract business and government operations.

At Solutions for Real Estate, we have more than 20 years of experience managing residential real estate and commercial real estate for investors. We can help you identify opportunities that you may not have considered. We know the market and we know the trends in our local industry. Talk to us about what you’re currently doing and what you haven’t tried yet. We’ll be able to measure your portfolio against what’s available and help you find unique ways to diversify.

Multifamily and Single-Family Homes Attract Different Tenants

Whether you remain focused on residential rental properties or you’re venturing into this new territory for the first time, there’s room for diversity even within the residential sector. Single-family homes are a lot different to acquire, lease, and manage than multi-family properties.

For starters, they attract different tenant pools. In the last 20 years, we’ve seen a huge demographic and economic shift. People have not been able to afford to buy their own home, but they still want the privacy and the stability that a single-family home provides. Younger tenants and those who like to move a lot prefer the low-maintenance and communal lifestyle of an apartment building or a multi-family residential setting.

You need to know who you’re trying to rent to when you buy a piece of residential property. We can help you invest in a way that you’ll maximize your opportunity, your cash flow, and your ROI.

Commercial Rental Properties are Transitioning

There’s a lot happening with commercial investment properties. Restaurants and bars are struggling to bounce back with the pandemic still an ongoing situation in the U.S. Some retailers and shops like tattoo parlors and dollar stores are doing just fine, even after being closed for a while. These are the things you need to know before you invest in commercial property.

Thinking about office space has also changed. The culture has shifted sharply and employees are working from home whenever they can. Before the pandemic, office space was an excellent investment; there was always a demand. Long-term, we’re not sure businesses of any size are going to require office space anymore.

Solutions for Real EstateAll of the ups and downs of the economy and the real estate market highlight the importance of working with a professional Columbus property management company that understands these trends. We know where rents are and where they’re likely to go. We know what residential and commercial tenants are looking for. We know how to get your property rented quickly.

If you have any questions about how to diversify your investments or maximize what they earn, please contact us at Solutions for Real Estate.