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Does the property manager decide what improvements to make between tenants?

Mitch Deminski - Friday, May 12, 2017

As an investor considering using a property management service in Columbus, OH, you might be wondering about whether you will have to give up total control of your unit or home.

Mitch Deminski of Solutions for Real Estate is here to set the record straight and clear up any misconceptions in the latest installment of “A Minute With Mitch.”

Mitch said that sometimes, investors will call in with a common misconception about property management services – that they will be giving up total control over the property.

But that is just not the case, Mitch said. As an investor, you don’t hand the property over to the property management service and have no more input. “That is simply not true,” said Mitch.

When the real estate experts at Solutions for Real Estate get quotes for repairs or upgrades before turning over an apartment for new renters, we include additional items to help investors get the highest rent possible.

These upgrades don’t always need to be done – as the investor it is YOUR decision. These are just recommendations based on what renters want and what the market is doing.

Our experts are simply trying to give investors the insight into what is hot in the real estate market. Right now, that is backsplashes and countertops, said Mitch.

Ultimately, it is the owner’s responsibility to make the final decision on what happens to the property and if updates or upgrades are needed.

“You still have input,” says Mitch. “We’re not just going out there making up things that need to be done. We want your input.”

At Solutions for Real Estate, we want investors to get top dollar for their properties, so we will give you our recommendations so YOU can decide what is best.

Mitch and his team have nearly 20 years of experience in the Columbus market, so you can rest assured that these instincts and knowledge mean investors can be confident in his recommendations.

If you are an investor looking to work with Mitch and Solutions for real estate, please call us at (614) 846-3033. We look forward to working with you!