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Tenant Selection by Property Managers in Columbus, OH

Mitch Deminski - Thursday, March 9, 2017

If you are a property owner considering Solutions for Real Estate for your Columbus property management needs, you might wonder how much control you will have over which tenant gets selected to live in your home. Mitch Deminski of Solutions for Real Estate says lots of investors come to him thinking he is going to make all of the decisions for their properties, which are mostly located in the Columbus, Ohio area.

“That’s just not the way we like to work,” Mitch said.

Solutions for Real Estate will screen tenants: Handling criminal history checks, a credit application, checking to see if the applicant has been evicted before.

“At the end of the day, the decision is up to the owner,” said Mitch.

In this recent video, Mitch breaks it all down and explains his philosophy about the investor/tenant/property management agency needs.

Mitch believes that it’s important for investors to have input and stay informed – after all, it’s a partnership!

Recently, there was a property for rent during a slow time of year. About 300 inquiries were received before a prospective tenant completed a legitimate application. But when there was an application, Mitch said he sent it to the owner for review and input.

The owner, he said, has the final decision on whether to take or decline a tenant.

If you are wondering if Solutions for Real Estate should be your Columbus property management company, know that we work in tandem with investors to ensure the best possible tenant for your property.

Our team will communicate with investors and tenants each step of the process, making sure everyone is on the same page.

Mitch also has extensive experience in the Columbus market, having been an investor for 19 years. His instincts and knowledge mean investors can rest assured that everything is handled.

If you are an investor looking to work with Mitch and Solutions for real estate, please call us at (614) 846-3033. We can’t wait to meet you.