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At Solutions for Real Estate, our mission is:

  • To provide no less than the most responsible service to residents and investors of the central Ohio Region.
  • To present every client with unique programs designed to respond to an evolving market and our client's needs, rather than just make the most profit for our corporation.
  • To establish and prosper through long-term relationships with our customers and their referrals.
  • To enhance each individual agent's effectiveness by working with co-opting Brokerages as partners rather than competitors so Brokerages will choose to co-op with us first if given the choice.
  • To strive to be better instead of bigger and never let technology or company size replace common sense.

Today is the perfect day to begin building your successful future...

As an eager, success-oriented real estate representative, your talents and techniques help individuals and families move toward a better life. Now you can do the same for yourself by joining the professional team at Solutions for Real Estate. Success in real estate is a process of discovery and action, based on personal goals and the risks of change. Planning for success means evaluating lifestyles, goals, needs, risk tolerance and potential. Solutions for Real Estate will help you make smarter career decisions and more effective, more profitable work strategies.

8 great solutions that will help you succeed in real estate

  1. Aggressive commission splits. We have a traditional Split program or S4RE agents can keep 100% of their earnings, meaning you make more money for the same amount of work.
  2. Mentor training program. At S4RE, we will help you learn how to earn the most money for your efforts.
  3. Internet-based management of listings and contracts. Our WEB-based system lets you work from anywhere at anytime, giving you greater freedom and control of your business.
  4. Recruitment rewards. Earn more money by recruiting other qualified sales agents and reduce expenses for everyone on the S4RE team.
  5. Top 15% Performance Brokerage. S4RE rates within the top 15% of volume in the Greater Columbus area. You will work, learn, and succeed with the industry's best.
  6. Innovative programs. S4RE features a host of innovative and flexible buyer and listing programs that simplify the real estate process for S4RE agents and their customers. You build great relationships and earn more!
  7. Professional work spaces. Our offices are designed to give you and your business the credible, accessible image and a source of pride for you, your staff and your clients.
  8. Key agent tools. S4RE offers full-service property management and property maintenance services to provide better client service and resources that exceed your customers expectations.

Join us and realize your potential...

Because of your abilities, commitment, and success-oriented attitude, you are invited to join the growing team at Solutions for Real Estate. We are a group of real estate professionals who -- like you -- believe in developing and providing the best solutions for individuals and families seeking a better lifestyle. Solutions for Real Estate pledges to help you advance your career and support your real estate efforts toward success.

With Solutions for Real Estate, you can sell better and earn more.
And today is the perfect day to begin.

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