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Zanesville Property Management

As you search for a capable property management company, your criterion for choosing the right management team comes down to finding a trusting company who communicates while maximizing income and value. Solutions for Real Estate is a central Ohio full service Real Estate Brokerage helping small to mid sized clients with their Real Estate investments. We can manage single family portfolios, multifamily, and commercial buildings with the personalized approach you deserve.

You’re researching for a property manager because of 1 of 2 reasons

  1. Your not happy with your current property manager
  2. You don’t want to manage your property.

Let’s explore the first reason which will help you decide a management company for the second reason.

72 % of Owners who fire their property manager say it is because of LACK OF COMMUNICATION

They never call you back? Solutions for Real Estate prides itself in keeping the owners informed. We know from experience having a tenant renting your property does not always go your way … but to not call back?...UNACCEPTABLE!

At Solutions for Real Estate we understand the most important elements of a business relationship is communication and trust. We have a full-time property manager, office manager, and 25 licensed agents available to assist you whenever necessary. If you choose to contact us, you should feel confident that your concerns will be addressed quickly and efficiently. We are also available for weekly meetings to update you on all aspects of your property.

A quick note to homeowners looking to convert your home to a rental...

Solutions for Real Estate was designed to adapt to the ever changing real estate market. When the current market slowed we accepted a new role, helping those we term 'accidental landlords.' This is a novel phenomenon that occurs when a home owner is unable to sell their home in the current market conditions. Rather than flounder while attempting to sell, we help them by enabling them to be a temporary landlord. This unique service will help an unfortunate home owner stay afloat against the rising tide of our current economy. Once the market improves, we will be there to ensure a completed sale.

WE ARE NOT a national company or one that manages thousands of units. We are a local company doing business since 2001 with a comprehensive understanding of your goals and the market you invest in.

Solutions for Real Estate provides the following comprehensive property management services:

  • Local knowledge and expertise with access to 25 licensed agents
  • Understanding of the single units to the mid sized investor
  • Fully licensed Brokerage to handle the sale and Property Management of Real Estate
  • Investing opportunities available to our clients first
  • Credit/criminal/eviction background screening for YOUR protection
  • Monthly statements and direct deposit of proceeds
  • The section 8 process

Coordination of:

  • Necessary repairs – if the tenant is at fault, we bill them.
  • Preventive maintenance – to head off larger repairs
  • Lawn maintenance and landscaping
  • Parking lot maintenance, including snow removal
  • 24 hour emergency maintenance
  • Eviction services – from court to full set out
  • Unit turn over to get property market ready
  • Full rehab services including the permits that are required

Owners wish to be informed so Solutions for Real Estate does the following:

  • Inform owner of repairs costing over $500
  • Approval of applicant
  • Code violations
  • Lease renewal
  • Filing an eviction
  • We get possession of a unit

The answer is in the name...Solutions for Real Estate

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Zanesville was named after Ebenezer Zane (1747–1811), who had constructed Zane's Trace, a pioneer road from Wheeling, Virginia (now in West Virginia) to Maysville, Kentucky through present-day Ohio. In 1797, he gave land as payment to his son-in-law, John McIntire (1759–1815), at the point where Zane's Trace met the Muskingum River. With Zane's help, McIntire platted the town and opened an inn and ferry by 1799. In 1801, Zanesville was officially renamed from Westbourne (Zane's chosen town name). Source From Wikipedia

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